Defining Research Priorities and needs in Cancer Symptoms for adults who are living with or have had cancer

You are invited to participate in a survey study which is aiming to identify the key research questions which should be addressed as a priority to improve the management of symptoms related to cancer and its treatment.

This survey is being conducted by a team of investigators from the Cancer Symptoms Trials (CST) unit.

We are interested in your views regarding which cancer symptoms have the biggest impact on daily life for those living with cancer and their caregivers despite current available therapy. This will help us identify gaps in prevention, detection or management of these symptoms and provide a clear rationale for future research and clinical trial directions. This is the first survey of its kind within Australia and New Zealand. Your responses will assist us to advocate for and prioritise research and progress into pharmaceutical, medical device, non-pharmacological clinical trials and new service models to deliver symptom or supportive care that in the view of health professionals working in cancer care, consumers and carers have the greatest potential to significantly improve the quality of life of people with cancer and their families, both as they go through treatment and through to survivorship.

This survey takes about 30 minutes to complete. Your insights and expertise will be greatly appreciated. For more information, and to begin the survey, please click on this link:

If you have any queries, please email