Thousands of men with prostate cancer now choose “active surveillance” over surgery or radiation treatment

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Findings from the 2018 annual report of the Movember Prostate Cancer Outcome Registry Australia and New Zealand (PCOR-ANZ) revealed that more than two thirds (69 percent) of men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer during 2015-2016 went on active surveillance. However, the remaining 31 percent of men with low risk disease went on to have treatments they may not have needed.
The report’s authors concluded that while the trends towards active surveillance, following evidence based guidelines, is increasing, more needed to be done to encourage men with low-risk disease to consider it as a viable option where the evidence showed no impact on survival.

The 2018 annual report provides statistics and trends from over 20, 000 men participating in the registry across Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand contributions are currently limited because the report period of 2015-2016 coincides with the pilot of the registry in New Zealand. This will grow, so we encourage you to read the report to understand the insights that can be gained when clinicians, patients and researchers collaborate in such a specific way at a bi-national level.
Although only representing 9% of the NZ population, the report noted that men in New Zealand were slightly younger at diagnosis (age 66.4 vs 67.7) and more likely to be diagnosed with lower grade prostate cancer (ISUP group 1 and 2), relative to their Australian counterparts (77% vs 57%). There were also marked differences in method of diagnosis between Australia and New Zealand, with transperineal biopsies used to diagnose approximately half of men in in Tasmania and Victoria but only a minority of men in New Zealand.

The NZ arm of the registry (Prostate Cancer Outcome Registry NZ- PCOR-NZ) was established in 2016 to capture clinical and quality of life information from all men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer across New Zealand, and to contribute de-identified data to the ANZ registry. The NZ registry is funded by the Movember Foundation and managed by the Centre for Health Outcome Measures NZ (CHOMNZ). Entering its third year, the NZ registry continues to grow, with over 3000 NZ men recruited and population coverage at 60%. CHOMNZ have a goal of 80% population coverage by end of 2019.

The annual report is a collaboration between the Movember Foundation and Monash University and is endorsed and promoted by medical specialist colleges and associations – such as Urology (USANZ), Radiation Oncology (RANZCR) and medical oncology (MOGA) and Pathology (RCPA).

More information about the registry, along with details of New Zealand clinicians and institutes participating can be found at :

If you would like to know more about the New Zealand registry, please contact:
- Mr. Stephen Mark- PCOR-NZ Clinical Lead, and Chair-Centre for Health Outcome Measures NZ (CHOMNZ)
- Prof Frank Frizelle- Chair PCOR-NZ Steering committee
-  Judith Clarke – PCOR-NZ National Manager